HELiOS: Die PDM-Lösung für ein zentrales Informations- und Datenmanagement für Ihr Unternehmen

HELiOS - PDM for the management of ECAD data from EPLAN® and Zuken®

  • Are your products not purely mechanical, but also contain many electro-technical components?
  • Are these electro-technical CAD data (ECAD) and the mechanical CAD data (MCAD) managed in different systems?
  • Are the ECAD data and the mechanical CAD data often brought together manually in the materials management department?


HELiOS-PDM can be integrated into EPLAN P8® and Zuken E³®. With the help of these systems, ECAD-related data, structures and articles can be directly be managed in the associated project  in the PDM system, in addition to the mechanical CAD data from SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor®, AutoCAD® and HiCAD.

Integration of HELiOS PDM into ECAD systems like EPLAN® and Zuken® - The benefits:

  • Direct integration of PDM functionalities in the user interfaces of EPLAN P8® and Zuken E³®
  • Bringing together of the basic data and information from electro-technical and mechanical drawings in central projects
  • Transfer ECAD and MCAD articles to the ERP system via separate product structures possible

We optimize your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with HELiOS

The PDM/PLM solution HELiOS with ECAD partners Zuken E3® and EPLAN®

PDM and ECAD/Mechatronics

Besides the mechanical construction, the possibility to make electro-technical data of machines visible in mechatronic information systems becomes increasingly relevant. Have your costumers recently requested comprehensive documentations more and more frequently? Interfacing our PDM system HELiOS to EPLAN® und ZUKEN E³® enables you to fully integrate your electro-technical department into your data flow. Both engineering departments can conveniently work on one project and manage the relevant data centrally in the PDM system. This is possible for articles (parts), bills of materials (BOMs) and documents. BOM transfers from the mechanical and electro-technical CAD system are possible at the push of a button.


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