HELiOS: Die PDM-Lösung für ein zentrales Informations- und Datenmanagement für Ihr Unternehmen

HELiOS - PDM integrated in HiCAD, SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor® and AutoCAD®

  • Do you use various CAD systems to get the best of any single system?
  • Do you use a PDM system in order to continue using various CAD systems in the future?
  • Do the PDM systems made by the supplier of your CAD system not have all functionalities that you would need?
  • Do you receive data from different CAD systems that you would like to include into your CAD data management?

In such situations, HELiOS-PDM might be the ideal software solution for you. HELiOS-PDM can be fully integrated in the CAD systems SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor®, AutoCAD® and HiCAD which are popular in the field of mechanical engineering, which provides you with great flexibility in the management of data from a wide range of different systems.

HELiOS – the benefits:

  • Deep integration into the CAD systems SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, AutoCAD and Navisworks and HiCAD
  • Interfaces possible to the E-CAD systems EPLAN P8® and Zuken E³®
  • Thanks to the deep integration into the individual CAD systems, almost all PDM functions are available in the CAD UIs





  • Bidirectional mapping of CAD data and attributes of articles and documents in HELiOS-PDM
  • Automated creation of model structures based on CAD documents and of product structures based on articles

The PDM/PLM system HELiOS manages your project data

Tidy up your CAD data management

By offering you all these advantages, the PDM/PLM solution HELiOS of the ISD Group provides you with a central information and data management tool for your entire enterprise. Our PDM/PLM system does not only manage all your project data, such as BOMs, various files, drawings etc., but is already firmly integrated in the CAD systems Inventor, AutoCAD®, SOLIDWORKS® and HiCAD. While working in your usual CAD environment, you are further supported by the automatic transfer of design data to the PDM environment. Many functions of our PDM/PLM solution HELiOS are directly available in the UIs of Inventor®, AutoCAD®, SOLIDWORKS® and HiCAD, which further facilitates and speeds up your design processes. With our consistent CAD data management, the intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art functions you will significantly increase the productivity of your engineering while reducing your project lead times.


»The time we save with HELiOS can be immediately used for important design tasks. Much time can be saved for the input of master data, since these are now directly contained in the articles and thus make repeated inputs obsolete, and also by the elimination of typos thanks to HELiOS.«

Kai Ellerbrock, MBS Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG

Success Story MBS Hydraulik

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If you want to learn more about our PDM/PLM solution HELiOS and its interfaces to other CAD systems, make an appointment with one of our PDM experts. We will be happy to inform you about the general possibilities of HELiOS and its advantages for your company.

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