HELiOS: Die PDM-Lösung für ein zentrales Informations- und Datenmanagement für Ihr Unternehmen

HELiOS PDM – The central element for your company-wide Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Today the implementation of an efficient Product Lifecycle Management has become increasingly important to remain competitive on a sustained basis. HELiOS as a multi-CAD capable PDM system that can work in an article-oriented manner offers you the tool that is necessary for standardizing isolated solutions in your company and realizing a consistent, access-controlled data flow throughout all departments, along with the entire product life cycle.

HELiOS - PDM: Product-Lifecycle-Management

Working across departments

As a provider of CAD and PDM solutions for the complete process chain, we never reduce a company to its engineering department. Instead, the way forward consists in focusing on data management and process security across all departments of a company. Here, the Workflow-controlled folder of HELiOS is of great help. Thanks to the intuitive administration tools, you are enabled to define Role Workflows for your corporate processes, which, in conjunction with assigned access permissions, control, facilitate and speed up the daily exchange of documents between all departments. You can automatically send E-mails, or create and provide template documents. Optimize your order processing and make production documents available without printing them, in the place where they are needed, i.e. on a specific workstation in a specific department. The feedback we receive from our customers has proven that time savings of more than 50% can be achieved here, which reduces project lead times and saves time for other tasks.

»The reduction of working hours from 120 to 18 clearly shows the extent to which our work processes could be speeded up and demonstrates the efficiency of a PDM system like HELiOS, which automatically generates and controls all work processes for us.«

Björn Quelle, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH

PDM/PLM-System HELiOS: Beschleunigung der Arbeitsprozesse bei der FST GmbH

HELiOS - PDM: Product-Lifecycle-Management

Optimization of the Product Lifecycle Management PLM

While the engineering department often thinks in terms of drawing numbers, the material planning and any other department works with articles. By linking of part master data to the associated drawings and geometries, these two large corporate areas are brought together and made compatible with each other. In this way, product structures are created from CAD-relevant and non-CAD-relevant articles in the PDM/PLM system HELiOS, which will directly be passed on to the ERP system, where they can be edited into the required BOM types. A manual assigning of CAD data to articles and a time-consuming entering of the BOMs into the ERP system are no longer necessary. As a result, you will not only save a lot of time, but also minimize errors and optimize the description of the entire product lifecycle. In this way, an easy and flexible provision of a company-wide information model can be achieved – with enormous saving potentials and productivity increases.

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