HiCAD: Eigener 3D-CAD-Kern ESM (European Solid Modeller)

Our self-developed 3-D CAD ESM kernel keeps us flexible and independent

The ISD is one of the leading producers of CAD and PDM software, covering a unique range of requirements from all kinds of industries such a product and plant construction as well as the complete field of civil engineering.  Each of these industries has its own requirements with regard to the geometric representation by our CAD system HiCAD.  As a result of years of meticulous in-house development and constant optimization of our own, highly efficient 3-D CAD ESM (European Solid Modeller) kernel, we can always master these tasks effortlessly. 

The geometry kernel allows us to tackle and solve any task in the fields of plant construction, civil engineering and product construction. Thanks to the freely extendable modelling kernel the ISD can promptly, flexibly and independently react to the rapidly evolving technologies and materials in the industrial world.

The 3-D CAD kernel

The 3-D CAD kernel

What can a 3-D modelling kernel do in conjunction with a CAD system?

Today, the importance of the 3-D modelling kernel is frequently overlooked in the world of CAD, although it is actually vital for any high performance software.

The basis for the 3-D CAD kernel are highly efficient data structures, by means of which the part structures, design history (feature log), constraints and, of course, geometry data and visualisation data are managed and stored. For this purpose the ESM uses a BREP representation of the solid model, where geometric objects are described by their boundary surfaces. Thanks to the support of NURBS curves and surfaces the 3-D CAD kernel is extremely flexible when it comes to describing curves and surfaces.  

Furthermore, the 3-D CAD kernel provides powerful basic functions as a basis for the more complex, specific task functions. Due to the crucial importance of these functions, high-performance basic functions are absolutely essential. The most elementary functions of this type include, for instance, section algorithms for curves and surfaces, which are used in modelling operations for calculating BREP representations of 3-D models.

Since all calculation operations must consider certain mathematical tolerances, and the functions of the ESM kernel also support imported geometry models of other CAD systems, HiCAD’s 3-D CAD kernel has been conceived to be suitable for so-called “tolerant modelling”. As a result, users will benefit from a wide range of powerful functions, independent from the type of geometries to be processed.

With the ESM modelling kernel the ISD has succeeded in developing one of the most efficient 3-D kernels worldwide. This kernel has been constantly optimized by experts from the field of natural sciences such as informatics, physics or mathematics ever since. HiCAD offers not only a user interface combining functions for different products, but also represents a totally consistent, carefully thought out, 100% self-developed product.

Which advantages does a self-developed 3-D CAD kernel offer?

Besides the high precision and enormous performance of our geometric modelling kernel from which our users benefit on a daily basis, we are enabled to react incredibly fast, flexibly and independently to customer wishes. Since we do not depend on external suppliers we can fully concentrate on our priorities in your interest. 

Our 3-D CAD kernel provides us with maximum flexibility in the display and management of CAD geometries. While other industry solutions, e.g. for steel engineering tasks, are often limited to rather simple geometries, our software can handle a very wide range of different models thanks to its kernel – it incorporates, among other things, the sophisticated feature technology that is required for the creation of models with very complex parts, but also offers the option to create very large models with rather simple geometries, but consisting of several hundreds of thousands of parts, as is often the case in civil engineering. In this way it is possible to combine functions for a wide range of industries and their requirements within one single CAD system.

As a result, functions that are needed for new of existing automatisms with the aim to further facilitate the daily work and require an extension of the 3-D CAD kernel for their implementation, can be implemented in a consistent development process, from the mathematical description in the kernel and the functional possibilities in the feature log through to the user interface. This concept guarantees, in addition to an excellent overall software quality and performance, a quick reaction time and great customer proximity on a sustained basis.

The functionalities supplied by the 3-D CAD ESM kernel provide our users with a solid base of standardized functions and operating philosophies, no matter which industry functions you currently use. The software is determined by an integrity of design that avoids any consistencies in the operation of the different industry modules, thus minimizing the need for training courses.

The 3-D CAD kernel

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