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ERP interfaces save time and avoid errors

As a developer of CAD and PDM software of HiCAD and HELiOS, our goal is to optimally support engineering and development processes with our products. These can often be regarded as crucial processes in a company, bringing about the innovations that are required to remain competitive on a sustained basis. However, the data created are often only available with great difficulty for large parts of a company, and great manual maintenance effort is often required to keep the engineering data, such as production drawings or BOMs, constantly up to date and make them available to the whole company. It should be noted here that CAD engineers think in terms of drawings and geometries during their work, while the most other departments in a company use the articles in connection with ERP.

With its article-oriented approach, HELiOS offers you PDM functionalities that enable you to link drawings and geometries created in HiCAD, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, Navisworks, EPLAN or Zuken E3 to their respective articles, which are automatically generated in HELiOS. In other words: A link will be established between the document-based product structure in the CAD system and the corresponding article-based product structure in the PDM system, which is crucial for enterprise resource planning.

In the next step, you can create an interface between the PDM and ERP system, thus ensuring an efficient, continuous data flow based on a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) concept without great manual effort.


  • After their transfer, all article masters will be available to both ERP system and PDM system users company-wide and consistently in their most recent state
  • Error-prone manual transfers of BOMs between CAD and ERP are a thing of the past
  • Production documents are always up to date and available at the push of a button, also for the ERP system
  • Article data can initially be made available to only one department, and can then be distributed among the whole company via the data flow
  • Supplementary engineering documents can be passed on to the ERP system if desired
  • You can choose between manual and automatic data transfer

Easy interface creation to ERP systems

Our ERP interfaces are primarily based on the exchange of XML files and neutral formats in monitored directories. In this way, article metadata, product structures and documents can be conveniently transferred from PDM to ERP and vice versa.

The advantage of this technology resides in the fact that it makes you totally independent from other technologies: The use of libraries from other systems, or direct database interfaces make you dependent on other software producers; modifications of one of the programs will require costly adjustments of the respective other program. These problems are avoided thanks to the neutral XML technology.

With this method it is almost irrelevant which ERP system you want to use in conjunction with HELiOS PDM for your PLM system. We have already interfaced more than 30 different ERP systems, mastering countless PLM projects successfully in this way.

ERP interfaces save time and avoid errors
ERP interfaces save time and avoid errors

ERP interfaces to HiCAD and HELiOS

You can choose between different approaches for a PDM-ERP interfacing project: We can either offer you to develop a custom-tailored solution on the basis of workshops and a carefully thought out concepts, taking your individual wishes into account; or you can simply trust in our experience and let us develop a tried-and-tested interface for you that has already proved successful in very many companies. This interface has already been realized in cooperation with our strategic ERP partners oxaion, BEOSYS and APplus (Cobus), all of which are ERP suppliers with extensive knowledge and many years of experience, and can be offered to you in a highly configurable standard package for a quick start. This will provide you with the quintessence of our experience and expertise at an unbeatable price if you cooperate with one of our partners, or consider optimizing your corporate processes in the near future together with them.

ERP interfaces made by ISD – An example from practice

ERP interfaces made by ISD – An example from practice

PSG Plastic Service GmbH

PSG Plastic Service GmbH uses the ERP system ProALPHA in various departments, e.g. in Sales and Purchasing. HELiOS workstations are available in the departments Engineering, Production Planning, Services, Quality Assurance and Project Planning. To put an end to the tiresome double work and the manual entering of article master data into ProALPHA, the engineers of PSG and the ISD Group conceived an ERP interface that enabled an exchange of article master and structure information between HELiOS and ProALPHA. In addition, neutral formats of the relevant production documents will be created and passed on to the ERP system for visualisation purposes. 

Frank Gulde, engineer at PSG Plastic Service GmbH: "The support we received from the ISD was absolutely perfect. The great know-how of their staff and the flawless project planning greatly contributed to the successful implementation of the interface."

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