HiCAD - Die 3D-CAD Software für Fassade

HiCAD for facade engineering – Innovative tools for maximum performance

With HiCAD you can realize facade engineering projects conveniently and at high speed thanks to our self-developed, ultra-modern 3-D kernel. Whether glass facades created via bidirectional LogiKal® interface, rear-ventilated facades with the help of the integrated ALUCOBOND® tray panel system or industry facades are required – HiCAD enables a flexible and transparent handling, from the first draft and the creation of the CAD model to the output of production documents.

Industry-specific CAD functions for facades and a high degree of automation reduce development times and optimize product quality. Examples of this include smart connections for beams, automatisms for the generation of production documents or the document and drawing management in civil engineering (Management + BIM).

Work productively and flexibly right from the start. Whether in 2-D, 3-D or a combination of both techniques - HiCAD will support you with powerful state-of-the-art function in each stage of your project.

  • Glass facades
  • Rear-ventilated facades
  • Industrial facades
  • Example

Plan your glass facades rapidly and easily with our powerful CAD system HiCAD.

As early as in the drafting phase you can benefit from many practice-oriented functions and automatisms, such as the market-leading combined 2-D/3-D approach for a taking over of 2-D/3-D customer data. A wide range of data is suitably prepared, and all BIM-relevant interfaces are made available to you. After creating the draft, the design data can be further detailed in the CAD system. Here you can use a wide range of civil engineering-relevant functions and automatisms that enable a smooth and fluent design process. Thanks to practice-oriented 3-D beam, plate and sheet functions, connections can be constructed absolutely faultlessly – in sectional, detail, cut-out views or in 3-D.

With the bi-directional interface to LogiKal® by Orgadata you can plan your glass facades accurately and rapidly. You can then directly import windows and doors to HiCAD – in 3-D, of course. This visualisation helps you avoid collisions of parts. Also, you can apply subsequent changes at any time, and automatically update them in LogiKal®. Finally, your data (BOMs, workshop drawings etc.) will be output automatically and in digital form to ensure a rapid and error-free production.


  • Integrated BIM solution
  • Error-free structural attachments and transitions through 3-D sections
  • Bi-directional interface to LogiKal®
  • Individual design solutions thanks to free 3-D planning grids
  • Combined free and parametric modelling

Plan your rear-ventilated facades with ease in HiCAD, the unique 3-D BIM solution for the construction of sheet cladded facades, smooth facades or ALUCOBOND® facades with tray panels of the type SZ20, riveted, suspended or bonded.

Define your individual tray panels complete with mounting and fixing elements for corner connections, attics or stiffeners, and automatically generate the matching sub-structures.

Place customized tray panels onto complete facades, and carry out further processings in detail and sectional views with the standard functions from other modules, such as Steel Engineering or Sheet Metal.  Thanks to the integrated workflow and index management tools you are enabled to trace back any working step in your BIM project at any time throughout the complete planning process.

All production, mounting and order related documents are automatically generated, updated and safely managed in the HELiOS product data management system via integrated standard functionalities in conjunction with the corresponding interface (DSTV-NC, DXF, IFC, ...). DXF data for NC machine control can be passed on to composite panel machining systems such as Cobus NCAD® to ensure an error-free production.


  • Machine-specific allowances, e.g. Cobus NCAD®
  • DXF for all sheet metal parts upon release
  • Automatic placing of 3-D elements
  • Flexible changing and adjusting of facade grids and installed elements
  • Automatic generation of sub-structures
  • Automatic itemisation and identical 3-D part search for all parts
  • Integrated BIM solution

Thanks to the HiCAD Profile Installation module a fast and uncomplicated realisation of industrial facades has never been easier.

We can offer you a 3-D solution with state-of-the-art technologies and a high degree of automation for your projects. Profiles can be placed on different levels of a sketch, inserts with freely selectable offsets can be omitted if desired, and transverse joints can be cut in various ways. As a result of our cooperation with many renowned beam and profile manufacturers, you can choose the beams, profiles, plates and sheets you require directly from the HiCAD standard parts catalogue.

 After carrying out a flexibly configurable panel length optimisation, you can use the Packaging function to create packages of the profiles according to your requirements. After this, generate all related production documents such as annotated installation plans, cut lists, and standard BOMs automatically.  The profiles can be passed on to the NC machines via the DSTV-NC interface for further processing, including all custom machinings. Furthermore, you can benefit from the automatic DXF blank generation for all sheet metal parts.


  • 3-D ISO panels and sheet metal parts
  • Innovative 3-D installation
  • Automatically generated lists of blanks, packages and finished parts
  • Integrated BIM solution for Concurrent Engineering
  • Tools for structural connections
  • Complete BOMs at the push of a button
  • Integrated index management for efficient tracking of changes

Facade engineering with HiCAD – an example from practice

seele GmbH

The worldwide leading role of the seele GmbH in the realization of extraordinary building shells is the result of the work of renowned architects, highly specialized staff members and multi-CAD capable software including BIM solution and PDM/PLM integration. The sustainable all-in-one solution for civil engineering consists in a combination of HiCAD and HELiOS by the ISD Software und Systeme GmbH.

Heiko Ulrich, seele GmbH: “We use almost all HiCAD modules for our projects. The interactions between all components of HiCAD and HELiOS and the know-how of highly specialized employees allow us to benefit from what can be called a perfect workflow.”