HELiOS (PDM/PLM) – for safe processes, e.g. through Role Workflows
HELiOS (PDM/PLM) – for a safe and efficient document management
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  • Fields of application
  • CAD/CAE & MS Office
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HELiOS – PDM/PLM for all industries and corporate processes

HELiOS – PDM/PLM for the entire enterprise

Data and document management, as well as the safety and traceability of processes play an important role in all departments of a company, no matter whether in smaller companies or large, globally operating enterprises. The introduction of the PDM/PLM system HELiOS is one of the most efficient ways of increasing the productivity and reducing the costs throughout all departments of a company.  

  • Engineering
    HELiOS enables a meticulous documentation of design processes. You can always look up who changed what, and when the change took place – this possibility is particularly useful if several engineers are working on complex tasks at the same time.
  • Production, Quality, Sales
    HELiOS provides constant access to current product data. Powerful search functions facilitate the data search and allow an instant visualisation of the detected documents of whatever type.
  • General Management, Project Management
    HELiOS supports you during your decision-making processes by means of clearly structured workflows throughout your company. In this way, critical situations can be anticipated and avoided.
  • Customers
    Your customers, too, will benefit from HELiOS, as your Service has direct access to all relevant data.

For an immediate use of our PDM/PLM system HELiOS we can offer you our preconfigured out-of-the box solutions. These can be individually extended and adjusted to your company-specific requirements - if desired, with the help of our Consulting team.

HELiOS – Typical use cases

  • Documentation- and publishing system allowing an access beyond your own company, e.g. to partner and supplier data (HELiOS with Internet Server)
  • Company-wide control, output and conversion of drawings and documents (HELiOS Plot Manager)
  • Company-wide access to product-related information without additional PDM installation (HELiOS Internet Server)
  • Department-comprehensive, transparent access to all product data via ERP; cost reduction in engineering and development (HELiOS PPS interface)
HELiOS – PDM/PLM for the entire enterprise
HELiOS – PDM/PLM for the entire enterprise

HELiOS – MS Office interface and Multi CAD-capability

CAD interfaces

Given that a large portion of the production-relevant data is created during engineering, the utilisation of a PDM system in conjunction with a CAD system provides a company with enormous advantages. In a product development process, all product-relevant changes must be documented carefully, especially if several engineers are working on complex tasks at the same time. HELiOS enables you to look up at any time who changed what, and when the change took place, and recognize the effects on other products. The development of completely new products, too, can be speeded up significantly with HELiOS, namely, by the re-use of identical or similar parts. Here, classification is the ideal tool for the standardisation and modularisation of your product portfolio. These advantages cannot only be used for HiCAD, but also for other CAD systems: Currently available are, for example, standardised interfaces to the CAD systems HiCAD®, AutoCAD®, SOLIDWORKS® or Inventor®. This has proven particularly useful in cooperation with customers, partners or suppliers, as in practice, not all parties involved in a project necessarily use the same CAD system.

The EPLAN interface to the PDM system HELiOS allows a central management of EPLAN documents in HELiOS and a convenient exchange of article and BOM data. The fast and individual provision of the data takes place via bidirectional data exchange, without leaving the working environment of EPLAN. In conjunction with the already existing CAD interfaces of HELiOS, design data from the fields of CAD and electrical engineering can now be managed in a convenient and transparent way.

HELiOS and Microsoft Office®

Many product data in companies have been created, outside of CAD and PDM systems, in various Microsoft Office® applications. These data, such as texts, Excel sheets or E-mails, can also be transferred, via appropriate interfaces, to the product model managed by HELiOS.

HELiOS – an example from practice

MBS uses HELiOS for error-free resource planning

MBS Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG

As far as hydraulic products are concerned, quality is synonymous with safety. Failure of materials or technology can have fatal consequences. MBS Hydraulik is aware of its responsibility. We pay the greatest attention to every single step, from consultation and planning to design and construction.” In order to fulfil the promise, which can be obtained from the homepage of MBS Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG, the company from Lübbecke not only puts emphasis on high performing 3D CAD Software but also works since 2016 with the multi-CAD compatible PDM solutions of the ISD Group from Dortmund: HELiOS.

Kai Ellerbock, Programmer at the MBS Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG, says: „The saved time can immediately be used for other tasks due to HELiOS – for key processes. We especially save time when entering master data, as it is directly attached to the item, so that there is need of entering the data again for reuse. Due to the minimization of typing errors, you also save time- thanks to HELiOS.“

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