News about the ISD Group and its products
News about the
ISD Group and
its products

HiCAD 2017: Now with 3DVS export for 3DViewStation

The 3DViewStation Desktop of the viewing tools provider KISTERS is a universal 3-D CAD viewer for native formats. With this viewer, files from a wide range of different CAD applications can be combined effortlessly and converted to standard 3-D and 2-D formats such as 3-D PDF, IGES, JTOpen, 2-D PDF and much more. The Major Release 2017 of the ISD Group offers the option to export drawings from HiCAD to the 3DVS format and exchange them for viewing purposes.

In cooperation with KISTERS, the ISD Group has realized a direct integration of the HiCAD data formats (.SZA and .KRA) into the 3DViewStation. The resulting solution is perfectly suited for Engineering departments that work with various, heterogeneous CAD formats. Other departments involved in the projects, e.g. Sales, Marketing, Process Planning or Production, will have convenient access to the 3-D design data for viewing purposes. While productivity will be increased, errors will be minimized, and communication and cooperation between departments will be improved. Thanks to the modern Office UI, operation is intuitive and user-friendly. 

The integration of the 3DViewStation into the PDM/PLM software HELiOS has already been made possible some time ago. All data and documents that are created during the product development process are managed centrally in HELiOS and will always be available in their most recent state. Thanks to the integration into HELiOS, the 3-D CAD data can be visualized directly in HELiOS. For the near future, a further expansion of this integration is planned that will allow, amongst other things, a comparison of different part indices.

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