News about the ISD Group and its products
News about the
ISD Group and
its products

HiCAD now allows data transfer to Lantek Expert

HiCAD now allows data transfer to Lantek Expert

HiCAD’s sheet metal-specific CAD functions, such as bending simulation, development creation, automatic production document generation or the taking into account of a wide range of production technologies, ensure that you can launch your products on the market promptly and in top quality. HiCAD automatically calculates accurate sheet developments at the push of a button, automatically creates the related drawings complete with dimensioned blanks, and generates all production-relevant documents and data, such as workshop drawings, bills of materials or overbend tables.

The new HiCAD version also provides the blank parameters that are required for the creation of an interface to Lantek Expert, the software solution for automatic development of sheet metal parts in 3-D. In the process, the system recognizes the utilized sheet metal elements and automatically performs the development with the specified thickness and material. To ensure a smooth data exchange, the blank must be in conformity with Lantek-specific requirements. Together with the geometry of the part, all necessary data will be made available to Lantek at the push of a button. The interface between HiCAD and Lantek Expert is created through the export of the blank as DXF file



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