HELiOS: Die PDM-Lösung für ein zentrales Informations- und Datenmanagement für Ihr Unternehmen

The PDM/PLM-System HELiOS: CAD data management made easy

  • Do you require a lot of time to retrieve already constructed parts or assemblies for an intended reuse?
  • Do you have trouble getting a clear overview of storage locations for your model drawings, or do your employees even have local copies on their computers?
  • Is the search for model drawings often difficult and time consuming, so that you finally decide to design parts from scratch again although you know that they must exist somewhere?
  • Do you use a large part of your project lead times for creating, storing and (above all) searching of master data, bills of materials and documents?
  • Do you often not know what the most recent version of a part is, or often lose track of part histories, or have old part or drawing versions in paper form already led to errors in production?
  • Do you even use different CAD systems to benefit from various advantages?


It really is not easy for an engineering department, which is supposed to act as the company’s creative and innovative core, to permanently maintain a clear overview of all design data without having an appropriate management in a central system at hand. HELiOS as a multi-CAD capable PDM system centralizes and organizes this flood of data, laying the foundation for a company-wide, efficient Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

HELiOS – Your benefits while organizing your CAD data:

  • One central information and CAD data management for your entire enterprise
  • Management of all CAD geometries from the CAD systems: HiCAD, SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor®, AutoCAD® und Navisworks®
  • Management of documents with direct links to the associated article master data
  • Search masks with the attributes contained therein are fully customizable to enable an optimal search




  • Integrated indexing (versioning) functions with complete version management for each document and article
  • “Derive” functions allow a rapid and traceable creation of geometries that resemble already designed geometries, thus preventing double work
  • The classification of CAD documents and the associated articles via lists of characteristics allows a professional management of all design data

We optimize your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with HELiOS

The PDM/PLM system HELiOS manages your project data

Tidy up your CAD data management

“Don’t search – find!” is a performance promise of HELiOS, one that enables you to save precious time and money for the realisation of further projects. CAD engineers can save parts and assemblies directly and systematically from the CAD system, either with or without the HELiOS classification – the detection of identical parts will be significantly increased in this way. Costly and time-consuming new and re-designs will be a thing of the past. All data and documents will be stored encrypted and company-wide in our “digital safe”, the HELiOS Vault, and can be made available at any time and in any location, according to the permissions of the respective user. Digitalization offers enormous saving potentials by a multitude of available automatisms for process engineering. Feel free to contact us – we can draw on decades of experience in project handling and we will be pleased to assist you!



Contact us and learn more!

If you want to learn more about our PDM/PLM solution HELiOS and be impressed by its multi-CAD functionalities, make an appointment with one of our PDM experts. We will be happy to inform you about the general possibilities of HELiOS and its advantages for your company.

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